NECA Unveils New Look At The “Ash VS Evil Dead’ “Ashy Slashy” Replica Puppet


Let’s be honest, we all want Bruce Campbell for our very own. I mean, come on, he’s awesome in every way. Now we can, sort of.

In season 2 of ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’, we met “Ashy Slashy“, the evil puppet version of our favorite man with the killer chin, as he and Kelly fought the puppet while in the abandoned mental institution.

NECA has just unveiled the packaging for their new 15-inch tall “Ashy Slashy” replica puppet. And the good news, you can own one (or give one) before the holidays. Can you imagine waking up on Christmas morning and finding an “Ashy Slashy” puppet under the tree? That would be groovy, am I right?

From NECA:

Every day can be demented play day with your very own Ashy Slashy puppet from Season 2 of Ash vs. Evil Dead!

We’ve replicated Ash’s potty-mouthed little doppelganger from the asylum episodes for your (hopefully G-rated) entertainment.This is a working puppet – insert your hand and you can move the mouth, plus the arms are poseable thanks to inner articulation.

You can order your “Ashy Slashy” puppet from the NECA site (HERE) this Fall.

Season 3 of ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ is set to premiere on Starz on Sunday, February 25, 2018, at 9 E/P. To learn more about the upcoming season or watch the trailer you can do so HERE.


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