‘Severed Silence’ Starring ‘Zombieland’ Actress Offers Exclusive Indiegogo Horror Fuel Perk

Award-winning writers/directors Kathryn Michelle and Elizabeta Vidovic, who brought you the films Find Me, Complexion, Because These Kids Are, May I Die, and Working it Out!, are now running an Indiegogo campaign to help fund their next film, Severed Silence.



In the film, “Talitha spent two decades suppressing a maleficent curse that was placed upon her bloodline. A spontaneous wedding reunites her estranged Romani family and one of them knowingly awakens an unthinkable evil and the curse is released.

Talitha not only has to figure out who in her family is fighting against her but also how to prevent the bloody curse from grabbing hold of them and killing them off one by one.”

The cast of Severed Silence includes Maiara Walsh who played the role of Witchita in ‘Zombieland’ (the series), Paradox’s Adam Huss, Izabela Vidovic (The Fosters), and Alla Tumanian (Tangerine). Kathryn Michelle, Izabela Vidovic and Elizabeta Vidovic serve as producers.



Their campaign is nearly 70% funded with the goal of raising funds for Special Visual Effects, props, makeup, set dressing, and wardrobe. There is a month left for you support the film and grab an amazing perk like a custom poster featuring your image, autographs, Tarot readings, walk-on roles, your name used in the film, and even producer credits. Sounds awesome, right? Our readers will receive an exclusive perk, a signed poster!

Follow Severed Silence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for regular updates. Take a look at the concept trailer.


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