Robert The Stocking-Stuffer?!

The holiday season is here and it’s time to shop for gifts but there are a couple problems, someone on your list is into collecting creepy things, you’re being forced to get a gift for someone you really don’t like. Fear not (or do fear) the perfect gift is here for you, your very own Robert the Doll! Who’s Robert? Before there was Annabel, there was a doll dressed like a little sailor living in Key West Florida. Why say he’s “Living” in Key West? Many believe that the straw-filled toy is, in fact, alive due to malevolent supernatural forces.






Robert was given to a boy, also named Robert, by a house servant in the 1900’s, since then Robert’s family would hear Robert talking to the doll and thought Robert would talk back to himself, changing his voice, but Robert would claim it was the doll talking. Neighbors reported seeing the doll move from window to window while the family was away and misfortune befalling those who insult him. Robert the doll now resides at the Key West Art & Historical Society where it’s said that you must ask Robert permission to take his picture first or you’ll be one of many people who has mailed letters of apology to Robert asking him to remove the curse he cast on them. These notes are posted on the wall behind Robert’s display.

You can buy your own (hopefully non-cursed) Robert Doll at Key West Art & Historical Society’s gift shop in person or online, take note that due to Hurricane Irma and high demand, your order may take some time to be filled. If you would like to know more about Robert and see him, click Here for more information.

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