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Fat Dog Games Gearing Up For The Release Of Their Supernatural Game ‘Apparition’



Fat Dog Games has a new title on the way named ‘Apparition’.  The teaser trailer has just arrived for the first-person survival horror game and it looks awesome.

In the game, players are on a mission to document supernatural activity in the haunted forest of “Devil’s Tramping Ground” located in North Carolina. Players use a Ouija board to learn more about their mission throughout the game. Players will also have video cameras to document the spirits they stumble across. But ghosts aren’t the only things lurking around, demons are hiding in the shadows. And being set in the forest, there are animals to keep an eye out for as well.



An exact release date has not been revealed but we do know that ‘Apparition’ will be out sometime in late 2018. There is no word what game systems it will be available for, but we’ll let know when we learn more. In the meantime, check out the teaser.



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