Something’s In Your House In Upcoming Video Game ‘Allison Road’


First, some history, in 2014 Konami released a demo called P.T. which actually means “Playable Teaser” that sent shockwaves through the gaming world within your face terror the likes of which were not seen on a bigger scale with the help of Youtube Gamers and word of mouth. The game had a disturbing storyline that was equally accompanied by the overall vibe.

You’re unarmed and forced to evade a terrifying phantom. Once you complete the teaser you discovered your character is the spitting image of Norman Reedus and that this teaser is for Silent Hills the latest in the video game series Silent Hill.

Sadly, production was canceled but it inspired a new wave of first-person horror games that are heavily influenced by P.T. notable is the upcoming game, Allison Road. The game is hailed as being the “Spiritual Successor” to P.T. and just like it, fans were excited at the news of it and then had the rug pulled out from under them yet again when it was announced in June of 2016 that the game was canceled but in August of the same year it was announced that production has resumed with a ten-person game developing team at the helm!




The story of the game is vague leaving the player to have to fill in the pieces by exploring the game. According to the Allison Road website, you play as an unnamed protagonist who wakes up with no memory of the night before and his family is missing. The player only has five days to solve the mystery of their disappearance while trying to survive unknown horrors that have set up shop in your own home most notably, Lily, who resembles Lisa the antagonist from P.T. both characters appearances are influenced by two certain types of ghosts from Japanese folklore (Konami’s trademark in my opinion when it comes to horror games). The Onryō, a vengeful spirit that haunts till the wrong that was done to them in life has been corrected. Earthbound spirits, they’re different from most Japanese Yūrei (Ghosts), there’s no real reason for them to be haunting but they’re bound to a specific location or situation, most notable of this kind of ghost is Kayako Saeki the ghost from the Grudge movies.



At the moment the game is still in development with no real release date set. As of right now, the game will be for PC but the developers are hoping for the opportunity to have the game for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as well. For those of you wishing to torment yourself, the game may be playable with VR headsets. Fingers crossed for a success with this game!


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