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Tarantino Potentially Set To Direct R-rated “Star Trek” Reboot

For every sci-fi nerd and movie geek whose wanted Tarantino to direct a film set in a galaxy far far away, the news that he pitched a “Star Trek” film to J.J. Abrams this past week is extremely exciting, if not unexpected. The current plan, which would have Tarantino direct the film, but not write it, is unusual for a couple of reasons.

For starters, Tarantino almost never directs projects he doesn’t write himself, and other than a handful of television episodes, has shied away from franchises. And perhaps most surprising, in contrast to the historically more upbeat television series and films, Tarantino’s “Star trek” film would be rated R!

    Few details have been released so far, but a gritty R-rated “Star Trek” with Tarantino dialogue might just be the masterpiece I never knew I wanted, but now I can’t stop thinking about.


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