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SFX Master Keizô Murase Returns For Daisuke Sato’s ‘Howl From Beyond The Fog’


Ten years following the release of director Daisuke Sato’s short film The Fog Horn, based off of Ray Bradbury’s short story, a new short film is on the way, titled Howl from Beyond the Fog.



The filmmaker has teamed up with legendary special FX master Keizô Murase (Goliathon, The H-Man) to bring to life a monster with the use of puppetry, miniatures, and a mixture of practical FX and CGI.

The environment and atmosphere of the film will be conveyed by expressing everything within the work as a model this includes the human element as well. People will be depicted using half sized puppets fitted with special make up technology that with help show expressions uniquely different from traditional puppet theater. The scale of the environmental models will fit seamlessly with the puppets.



Howl from Beyond the Fog is set during the Meiji reformation era in a small village in Kyushu, Japan. The story revolves around a young boy named Izana and a blind woman named Takiri, the two encounter the large monster Nebula who since ancient times was feared as the god of lake Amenosagiri.



There is currently a Kickstarter campaign running to help fund the film. Stop by the page. You will find the trailer and a SFX video below.




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