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Feature Film Based On Terrifying Short ‘Selfie From Hell’ Releases Trailer


The 2015 short horror film Selfie From Hell quickly went viral after its release. Due to its popularity, we are getting a full-length feature based on the film from writer-director Erdal Ceylan who co-wrote the feature film with Paul Burton.

Check out the short film that captures the vanity that has become an obsession for so many.



From the Press Release:

Vancouver, Canada (December 21, 2017) – A viral video scares millions, why? Because we are a generation obsessed with our image, we can’t stop even if we tried!  IndustryWorks Studios, the producers behind the horror cult-phenom ‘American Mary’ decided to give first-time director Erdal Ceylan a shot at his first feature film. With his jump scare shared by millions online, from its roots in Germany to Japan to Philippines and across the pond to the USA, seems like anyone between the ages of 13-35 with a cell phone, tablet or computer got a glimpse of what might be beyond our ‘selfies’, what technology has lurking in the dark corners of the internet and what the infamous ‘dark net’ has in store for us…

Enter ‘SELFIE FROM HELL’ the feature film.



Alyson Walker, Tony Giroux, Meelah Adams, Ian Butcher, Tyler Smith, Shaun Morse, Matthew Graham, and Stephanie Gooden co-star.



Selfie From Hell will be released in 2018. In the meantime be sure to visit the feature’s Facebook, site, and follow the film on Twitter for updates and more. Post your scariest holiday selfie on their Facebook page for a chance to win exclusive swag from IndustryWorks Studios.


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