Christmas Zombies With Candy In ‘Dying Light’

Christmas time is here and gifts are coming from the folks at Techland in the form of Elf-dressed Zombies in ‘Dying Light’ the first-person survival horror game where players can craft weapons and use parkour skills to survive a zombie outbreak in a quarantined city. As of the 22nd of December, a community challenge called ‘Sharing is Caring’ where players have to treat the festive-looking zombies “naughty” enough to get 1 of 8 presents before the challenge ends on New Years Day.

Basically what you have to do is play ‘Dying Light’ go to either Old Town or the Slums and start your journey and locate the festive zombies in green shirts and red and white striped pants, kill them and loot their bodies of Christmas candy! The best tactic I use to get close enough to these guys is to disguise myself (hence the yellow screen on the pic) so you’re invisible to the zombies and you just sneak up behind and snap their neck or clock them in the sull is a bat!


Screenshot from my game-play, the yellow/amber colored screen indicates I’m using “zombie camouflage”

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