A Beast Stalks A Couple In The ‘Carnivore: Werewolf Of London’ – Now On VOD


This January a werewolf stalks a couple in writer-director Simon Wells’ Carnivore: Werewolf of London starring Atlanta Johnson, Ben Loyd Holmes, Gregory Cox.

“In an effort to save their relationship Dave takes Abi to a remote cottage but a fearsome beast is weighing up its prey, lurking in the shadows of the forest gaining confidence to attack. Will anyone survive and who is behind the killing?”

Molly Ruskin, Ethan Ruskin, Mathew Bancroft, Adam Logan, Yana Penrose, Dani Thompson, Shaquille Taylor, Adrian Blake, and James Ayling co-star in this indie film set to be released on DVD soon.

You can watch Carnivore: Werewolf of London now on VOD, Dish Network, In Demand, iTunes, Vudu, Direct TV, Xbox, Amazon, Google Play, and Digital. Be sure to follow the film on Facebook.

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