black creek

Welcome To ‘Black Creek’ Where The Hunt Has Begun – On VOD This February


Welcome to Black Creek…hunting season has begun.

From director James Crow (Curse of the Witching Tree) comes Black Creek, a film about that begins with a family saying goodbye and ends in a fight for survival against a supernatural force.


In the film, after the untimely death of their father, Mike (Chris O’Flyng) and Heather (Brianna Shae) venture to his favorite spot in the world – a secluded cabin in the woods – to spread his ashes.

Joined by friends and family, the siblings had hoped this journey into the wilderness would be a celebration of life… but their presence has awoken an ancient evil. Now, as the group is possessed one-by-one by a bloodthirsty demon, the survivors must gather their strength and band together if they hope to make it out of this cursed place alive.



Leah Patrick, Michael Copon, Kaylee Williams, Robert Lowe, and Michael Hill also star. 

Black Creek arrives on VOD on nationwide on February 16, 2018, from Freestyle Media.


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