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Actress And Activist Rose McGowen Poised To Release Her Memoir BRAVE Later This Month


Rose McGowen, the actress of films such as Scream, Planet Terror, Grindhouse, and of course the hit series ‘Charmed’, is poised to unveil her personal memoir/manifesto titled BRAVE.



Described as a “no-holds-barred, pull-no-punches” account of her rise as an icon and activist, BRAVE also reveals her desire for change in the entertainment industry and sheds light on the dark side of Hollywood and the multibillion-dollar business that she believes was built on systematic misogyny. McGowen wants to empower people everywhere to “wake up and be BRAVE.”

My life, as you will read, has taken me from one cult to another, the biggest cult of all: Hollywood. BRAVE is the story of how I fought my way out of these cults and reclaimed my lie. I want to help you do the same.” McGowen has stated.

Not only is Rose McGowen a writer, director, musical artist, former actress, entrepreneur, and feminist, she the founder of #ROSEARMY.  McGowen made her directorial debut with Dawn which was nominated for the Short Film Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival. He album, skincare line and her documentary will all be released in 2018.

For more on Rose McGowen and her projects please visit her website, the website for her book BRAVE, find out more about #RoseArmy please follow this link.

You can pick up your copy of ‘BRAVE’ on January 30, 2018, from HarperOne. BRAVE will also be available on eBook and audiobook. All can be purchased on Amazon.

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