Devil’s Rejects Sequel Gets New Title

It’s been 13 years since the Firefly family met their bloody end on a long stretch of family, but “The Devil’s Rejects” will ride again in a long-awaited sequel from director Rob Zombie.



Details have been few and far between since the film was announced last October, but if a report from Screenrant is accurate, the sequel could be getting a supernatural twist. The reported title is “The Devil’s Reject’s 2: Three From Hell.”

The three, crazy chick Baby, long-haired hillbilly Otis, and killer clown Captain Spaulding are three of the most deliciously demented characters in film history. Any return from these crazy characters is a welcome return.





While there haven’t been supernatural elements previously in the series, it doesn’t seem like a stretch that Zombie would find some mystical way to resurrect them. After all, Heaven doesn’t want them and Hell’s afraid they’ll take over!




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