Album Review: The Speaking Void’s Bonescroll Will be the Soundtrack to Your Nightmares!


Recently your’s cruelly had the pleasure of fillin’ my eerie earholes with Bonescroll; the latest album from The Speaking Void, a solo project from Nick Ransom; one half of the demonically dark duo known as Johnny Unheimlich.

Spread out over six pitch black tracks (with titles such as How Dare You and I Hope You Rot), Bonescroll infects your subconscious with layers of ambient soundscapes that play out like the soundtrack to your darkest dreams and repressed nightmares. Speaking of soundtracks, someone should get this material paired up with a fright flick stat! Don’t believe me? Have a listen to a sinister sample!


a promise a preview a t a s t e o f w h a t i s t o c o m e

Posted by The Speaking Void on Monday, January 22, 2018

As you can hear; this arcane audio pairs up perfectly with drinking wine under a midnight sky, casting a spell or two, or writing dark literature…you know, your normal Tuesday activities!

I can’t recommend this release enough to lovers of Darkwave, Drone, or Doom based music!



To hear more from The Speaking Void head here!


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