Horror Fuel Invades Days Of The Dead Atlanta


The Days of the Dead’s Atlanta convention has come and gone.

This past weekend Horror Fuel invaded Days of the Dead Atlanta. We had a ball meeting actors like Malcolm McDowell (Halloween), Ray Wise (Jeepers Creepers 2), Kane Hodder (Friday the 13th, Hatchet), Bill Moseley (Devil’s Rejects), Matthew Lillard (Scream), Ernie Hudson (Ghostbusters), Chosen Jacobs (IT 2017), Jeremy Ray Taylor (IT 2017), and Alex Vincent (Child’s Play), just to name a few. Of course, there were several actresses there as well, including Traci Lords (Cry-Baby) and Eileen Dietz (The Exorcist).




Every time I go to DOTDAtl (this was my third year) it never fails, there are amazing artists selling their wares. So many paintings, prints, dolls, masks, jewelry, and a lot of clothing to check out. I picked up a few items myself, including a fantastic print by artist Doug Hoppes (the one over his right shoulder) and a signed horror-themed children’s book for my nephew, Scout, by Candy and Jonathan Rosenbaum.



There were films to watch, a tattoo competition, panels, Q&As, parties and more happening all weekend long. So much to do and see. Let me tell you, there were some fantastic cosplay costumes to see as well.


Check out this creepy guy from Paranoia Haunted House 


To be honest, one of my favorite things about Days of the Dead is meeting my fellow fans, some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. It didn’t matter if they are rocking a spiked collar, a Leatherface costume or an intricate Ghostbusters costume complete with flashing lights on their proton pack, they all want to talk horror. If you’re lost, need to locate a certain star, or just bum a cigarette, people are more than happy to help you out. Of course, the convention’s staff are more than willing to guide you through the maze of booths and fill you in on the convention’s events.



Here’s the best part, Days of the Dead has conventions all over the U.S. throughout the year. Their next event is in Charlotte, N.C. May 18-20. You can find out more about Days of the Dead by visiting their website or following their Twitter or Facebook accounts.



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