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Henry Rollins Returns For ‘He Never Died 2’

Back in 2015, in Jason Krawczyk’s He Never Died, we saw Henry Rollins play Jack, a bad ass cannibal who happens to be immortal.


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THR is reporting that Rollins will be back in He Never Died 2, that’s right, we’re getting a sequel! There’s more good news, Krawczyk will be back in the director’s chair and filming is set to kick-off this May. V71 Entertainment has acquired the worldwide rights.

In part 2, “Jack is now a vagabond attempting to keep his supernatural compulsion in check. Along the way, he confronts depraved sadists similar to his own long life of destruction and must defy his inner demons and strike a balance of revenge and responsibility.”


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If you haven’t seen He Never Died we recommend that you do so immediately, luckily it’s now on Netflix.


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