Now On Netflix: ‘Veronica’, A Movie So Scary People Can’t Finish It



Netflix is embracing the horror genre, and for that we are thankful. Netflix is now streaming Veronica, a film so scary that some people are turning it off mid-movie and what’s more, it has a 100% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.The film, from Paco Plaza who delivered the 2007 zombie flick [REC], stars Sandra Escacena, Ana Torrent, Leticia Dolvera, Sonia Almarcha, Bruna González, Carla Campra, Consuelo Trujillo, Maru Valdivielso, and Claudia Placer.



This supernatural tale centers on a young woman (Sandra Escacena) who must find a way to protect her younger brother and sister after she attempts to bring back the spirit of their father with a ritual performed with an ouija board.



By the way, according to the film, the story is based on notes from a police file about an event that took place in Madrid in 1992.Grab a bag of popcorn, get comfy, and get ready for frightening good film. We recommend that you not watch alone.


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