Move Over Scarecrows, ‘Super Monster Wolf’ Is Coming!

Japanese farmers may soon be able to buy or rent a robot that will defend their rice and chestnut crops from wild boars. Meet “super monster wolf” a robotic wolf with fangs and glowing red eyes, yes they glow! The bot was deployed on a trial basis last July near the Kisarazu City and passed with flying colors moving the robotic wolf to go into production.*-ERwnzG7UtQXJYah_vmAMg.jpeg

I think it may scare away pesky children too… /Medium


The robot is low maintenance and is powered by solar charged batteries. The animatronic wolf is motion activated when an animal gets within its range the eyes light up and the wolf moves and plays an assortment of wolf sounds, this was designed so wildlife won’t get used to just one sound rending the deterring robot useless. Once the robots are complete, farmers can buy one for $4,840 or the can rent one for $114 a month.

Who knows, if the success of the wolf ends up becoming revolutionary, we might see these robotic canids appearing on American farms. If the wolf eventually becomes obsolete or is no longer effective, I’m sure they will find a new job as a Halloween prop!

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