‘Speak Of The Devil’: Enter The World Of Horror In VR

Not going to lie, VR glasses creep me out…something about my eyes getting sensors shot into them (I admit, I don’t know the science behind it). However, VR production Company Light Sail VR is hoping that everyone will be creeped out by their new project.


‘Speak of the Devil’ has been released for Samsung Gear VR and is being released on more gear as we speak.  Available for $2.99, the project allows the user to get lost in the world of horror in a new and exciting way.


The sinister choose-your-own-adventure experience takes viewers on a terrifying camping trip they will never forget–if they survive. With 12 fatal paths and only one ending that leads to survival, viewers are in control of the narrative as they explore the woods and come across different paths that lead them to their bloodcurdling fate.


I may have to actually give VR a chance with this because it has definitely piqued my interest.  Download the VR here!


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