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‘Tales From The Hood II’ Moves Closer To Production

Rusty Cundieff’s 1995 Tales From the Hood is finally getting a sequel 20 years after its release. A few months ago Cundieff teased the sequel with a photo he tweeted during location scouting, which he quickly deleted.

Cundieff also hinted that we might see the return of the creepy doll from the first film that was featured in the “KKK Comeuppance” segment which featured haunted dolls animated by the souls of slaves.


Following a question from a fan, he revealed that cast was nearly complete. Another tweet was shared on Cundieff’s news feed of a newspaper. If you look closely, you will see that filming will take place in Louisiana and that the film, which still hasn’t officially been announced, has an estimated budget of $3.2 million.



In the first film, co-written by Darin Scott, a funeral director, played by Clarence Williams III, tells four tales to three drug dealers that he has trapped in his funeral parlor.


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