Kubrick Estate Auctioning Never Before Seen Cut Of ‘The Shining’ Among Other Items

Stanley Kubrick may be gone, but his legendary films still live and flourish.  Aste Bolaffi, an Italian auction website, has posted a number of pieces of Kubrick memorabilia.  The item that is garnering the most attention is a never before seen cut of ‘The Shining’ which is longer than any previously released cuts and includes a deleted scene that has never been seen by the public.


“Long cut of the original film The Shining containing the scene in which Wendy, played by Shelley Alexis Duvall, carries Danny, played by little Danny Lloyd. These cuts, given by Kubrick to D’Alessandro, are particularly rare because the director notoriously burned all the leftovers at the conclusion of the editing.”


The auction for this historic piece stars at $3,700.  If you want even more ‘Shining’ love, the jacket worn by Jack Nicholson’s auction price starts at $12,000.


The auction promises many items for a collection of Kubrick’s films.  Click here to see the items up for grabs and start saving up your pennies.

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