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Comic Book ‘Pacific Rim Aftermath’ Issue 3 Now Available

Legendary Comics has released the third issue of the six-part prequel series Pacific Rim Aftermath that takes place nine years after the events of the first film and one year before the second film.


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Legendary Comics


In this comic series, the giant monster-fighting robots known as Jaegers are being used by crime lords to gain control of Santa Monica’s criminal underworld. A former Jaeger pilot, Griffin, works as an enforcer for the Mech Czar who needs Griffin’s skills as a Jaeger pilot to help him rule the criminal underworld. In the middle of this chaos is Jake Pentecost, who will be played by John Boyega in the film, who’s looking for answers to what happened to his father, Kaiju War hero Stacker Pentecost.


Legendary Comics


As Jake continues going through the process of Drifting (a process where Jaeger pilots sync with the Jager robot itself) he will learn more about his father’s life that will reopen old wounds for Jake as well as making new ones. The first two issues along with the third one are now in stores and available to buy online.


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Legendary Comics

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