Black Phillip Is Baaaaaack…In ‘POP!’ Form!

The hidden antagonist, Black Phillip, will soon be hitting the selves as a Funko Pop! Black Phillip was from, The Witch, the 2015 film that was either loved or hated by audiences (Me personally, I was disappointed in it).




The story follows a Puritan family that left a “sinful” society to make a new homestead out in the wilderness. Their joy soon turns to terror as unusual incidents occur surrounding the eldest daughter Thomasin (Anya Taylor-Joy), causing increase paranoia amongst the family members.


Image result for the witch black phillip gif


It’s reviled earlier in the film that the “witch” really existed and that there was a coven of them living nearby the new homestead and that the family goat named Black Phillip was their leader and the devil in disguise the whole time.



The POP! vinyl of Black Phillip (see below) is a happy looking black goat with yellow eyes, blood-spattered horns rearing up on its hind legs. He’ll also come with an apple, a reoccurring symbol seen throughout the film. Keep an eye out as Black Phillip is coming soon to wherever Funko Pops are sold.


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