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‘Train To Busan’ Rumored To Be Adapted Into A Video Game

The South Korean zombie film Train to Busan, which took moviegoers on a thrilling ride in 2016, may take fans love for the film to new terrifying heights as its being reported that the film will be adapted into a video game.



Train to Busan, or as I call it, “World War Z done right.”, follows a fund manager and his daughter as they’re caught up in a zombie outbreak in Korea, their only refuge is the train they and others are riding on but soon the virus breaks out on the train.



It’s being said that a division of the film’s distributor, Next Entertainment World, has signed Singaporean visual effects company Vividthree Productions to adapt the film into a video game. It’s unknown at this time what platform the game will be on and when or if the game will go into production. Time will tell but one thing is for certain, fans will be waiting at the station for that train to pull in.

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