First Look: Nicolas Cage Goes ‘Between Worlds’ In New Movie


Recently, Nicolas Cage has starred in several genre films, including Mom and Dad and MandyCage’s most recent genre film, the supernatural thriller Between Worlds, has now been acquired by Saban Films.

At a way station on a lonely highway, a man obsessed with the death of his wife and daughter meets Julie (Potente), a spiritually gifted woman who enlists him in a desperate attempt to recover the lost soul of her comatose daughter, Billie (Mitchell). Billie suddenly awakens in Joe’s presence, but she’s not herself — her body has been taken over by another soul: Joe’s dead wife, who has returned to settle her unfinished business with the living.

Written, directed, and produced by Maria Pulera (Falsely Accused), Between Worlds stars Nicolas Cage (Ghost Rider), Franka Potente (The Bourne Identity), Penelope Mitchell (upcoming Hellboy, CW’s “The Vampire Diaries”), Hopper Penn (War Machine), and newcomer Lydia Hearst .

As soon as a release date is announced we will let you know.

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