Short Film Review: Shower Sharks (2018)

A shark obsessed dude attempts to write a screenplay as a shark (I predict I’m going to be writing that word a lot in this review) doc plays on the boob tube. Before long a news bulletin interrupts the show warning of a plague of shower sharks…sharks that emerge from drains to menace the populace…and you can guess what happens next!

Shower Sharks gives the viewer exactly what you would expect; an absurd and enjoyable bite sized bit of nonsense in the Troma style. Film maker (and lead actor)Noah “Shark” Robertson has a keen eye (two in fact) for delivering off-the-wall horror comedy, and you can tell he has a ton of passion and heart.

As for any negatives to be found here (and this isn’t really a “bad” thing…more of an observation of something that stood out); I’m fairly certain that Robertson just filmed an actual EMT call guerrilla style for the film’s coda…this is some real Corman level shit if my hunch is correct; but it was odd not seeing our star during this segment…

To sum it up; Shower Sharks is a fun, off-kilter bite-sized nugget of a flick, and you should check it out when you can!




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