Major Actor Leaving “The Walking Dead” And Another Steps Into The Spotlight


“Walking Dead” fans are in for a rough season. As the beloved show approaches its ninth season, there are multiple reports confirming at least one major character is leaving the series.

While there are multiple contracts that will run out at the end of season nine which is currently filming, it has been confirmed by Collider that at least one main character is leaving. We’re sorry to say that it is actor Andrew Lincoln who plays Rick Grimes. It’s unclear at the moment how his character will exit the show.



There is also talk the Lauren Cohan (Maggie) will also leave before the end of season nine, since her contract only brings her back for six episodes of the season. Cohan has two movies in the final stages of production, Mile 22 and Whiskey Cavalier. Keep an eye out for those.



Now that we’ve given you the bad news, we can give you some good.

I doubt Norman Reedus will be too upset about Andrew Lincoln leaving the show. Reportedly, Reedus is getting a huge raise, $20 million, to step into the spotlight. That is going to buy a lot of diapers. Yes, you read that right. There’s going to be a little Reedus running around soon. Reedus has confirmed that girlfriend Diane Kruger is pregnant with their first child, according to US Magazine.



Fans have been begging for more information about Negan’s past and the network has listened. His story will be explored more in the seasons to come. Played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Negan found himself wounded and a prisoner of Alexandria.



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