Brian De Palma’s Next Horror Movie Inspired By Real Scandal

Industry heavy-hitter Brian De Palma has made his mark in the film industry with movies like Carrie (1976), Raising CainDressed to Kill, The Black Dalia, Mission to Mars, Mission Impossible, and Scarface.

Now, De Palma is working on a new script and his next project is a horror film, according to Indiewire. The film is inspired by disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein, who was recently arrested on charges that include rape and sexual assault. But the character will not be named after the former Hollywood head honcho who is in serious trouble after being accused by multiple women.

I’m writing a film about this scandal, a project I’m talking about with a French producer,” De Palma stated. “My character won’t be named Harvey Weinstein but it will ba a horror film, with a sexual aggressor and it will take place in the film industry.”

While we don’t know a lot about the movie at this point it will be interesting to see where the story goes. We’ll keep you posted.


Harvey Weinstein – Getty Images

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