Making The Streets Run Red: Review Of ‘Vampyr’

DontNod and Focus Home Interactive gave me the opportunity to play their horror game, “Vampyr”. The game is about Dr. Jonathan Reid, a prominent surgeon who specializes in blood transfusions who recently has become a vampire. Reid is back home in London after the Great War and the Spanish flu epidemic has started to spread and vampires are joining in on the killing.



The game is in third-person giving you the chance to see around your environment perfectly. As you explore London, you are able to use a vampire vision mechanic that allows you to see blood trails that lead you to find clues as well as little rat morsels you can eat!


As well as seeing other people


You can find hideouts where you can upgrade Reid’s weapons as well as his perks. The points you can use are where the main point of the game comes in, you can earn points by talking to people, investigations etc, but if you want a lot of skill points fast, you can kill and feed on members of the public but by doing so you could cause negative outcomes.


but all those sweet perks that will make things easier!


How do I feel about “Vampyr”?: Well, it’s a lot of fun! If you’re an explorer like me, this is for you. This game gives me a mixed feeling of “Assassin’s Creed” and “Sherlock Holmes” games with the exploring, fighting, and investigative features. The controls are pretty basic and smooth, not complicated at all! The music fits the game, it’s subtle but get’s the point across. If you have stereo headphones, wear them! The sound effects are pretty good and add to the dark wet environment.



Vampyr” is a great game! The story is unique and fitting for the time it takes place in and you can get lost playing it for a while but you may need to set a timer if you’re playing on a work night the last thing you need is morning to sneak up and bite you…



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