‘The Beast of Bray Road’ Documentary Unleashed This October


Around the world tales of bizarre, wolflike creatures have been told for centuries. Everyone has heard stories about werewolves, but In 1992 the worldwide phenomenon came to the forefront in the United States when residents of Elkhorn, a small town in Wisconsin, began encountering a “Werewolf” on a rural road just outside of town. Those unlucky enough to see the “beast of Bray Road” for themselves were left forever changed by the ordeal. The story quickly gained national attention. The regional media flocked to the area as monster hunters descended on the tiny hamlet. Before long, sightings of similar figures were erupting all across the Midwest.

Nearly three decades later, Small Town Monsters investigates the story of the Beast of Bray Road… and it’s hidden history. As recently as last week, a major news item about the discovery of an unidentifiable dog-like creature shot and killed in rural Montana went viral. However, similar strange beasts have stalked the prairies and farmers fields of the Badger state for decades.

The film, the seventh from award-winning filmmaker Seth Breedlove, features the stories of real eyewitnesses, investigators,  and historians that delve into the centuries-worth of history surrounding one of the world’s oldest myths… and it’s possible roots in reality.

Beast” will also feature renowned author, Linda Godfrey one of the newspaper reporters who broke the initial story about the strange creature sightings in and around Elkhorn in the early 90’s before authoring a book on the subject.

The Bray Road Beast reunites the Small Town Monsters crew that includes director Seth Breedlove, cinematographer Zac Palmisano, sound designer Jason Utes, and composer Brandon Dalo with author and musician, Lyle Blackburn who narrates the film. Blackburn previously narrated the Small Town Monsters production, The Mothman of Point Pleasant. Mark Matzke co-writes while Adrienne Breedlove acts as a producer. The titular “beast” will appear onscreen in dramatic, animated sequences, as well as live-action recreations with a number of different creature designs by Collier Wilmes, Chris Scalf, and Santino Vitale.

Today,  the teaser trailer has been released for the documentary that explores the werewolf legend, possible supernatural origins. The Bray Road Beast will be unleashed on streaming platforms and DVD on October 5, 2018.


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