Decisions, Consequences, And Blood: Final Thoughts Of ‘Vampyr’




After literal hours and days of playing, I’ve completed “Vampyr”. The game by DONTNOD Entertainment and Focus Home Interactive that’s a vampire tale told uniquely through the eyes of a “newborn” vampire and well-known doctor Jonathan Reid.


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Reid becomes an Ekon, a “vampire”, after returning home to London after serving three years in the First World War, the city is in the midst of the Spanish Flu epidemic. After becoming an Ekon, Reid accidentally kills his sister and vows revenge on the one who turned him into a creature of the night. Reid is sheltered at a hospital headed by a Doctor whose part of a secret society that studies and works with Ekons.

While performing missions, Reid will encounter members of a vampire hunting group known as the Guard of Priwen who actively looks for “leeches” (a term they use to describe Ekons). The humans are not the only threat, the main threat is Skals, lesser vampires who are looked down on by the Ekons because they feed on corpses and not blood. Werewolves, who are never called that outright but they definitely are. Finally, Vulkods, a Werewolf looking creature that is also a vampire.


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Reid confronting a Skal


Reid is also helped on his journey by Elizabeth, a female vampire who has been around since the black plague and becomes his love interest. Reid must find a way to stop the Spanish Flu and vampire epidemic but forces both of this world and beyond are pulling the strings.



My final thoughts on “Vampyr”: I would love to see this have a sequel! It’s an amazing story with multiple tales that happen in the middle of it. The game is a perfect mix of third-person investigative/mystery as well as a good old fashion hack-and-slash type of game.

The main feature that’s intriguing is how our protagonist Reid, interacts with inhabitants of London and avoiding the temptation to kill them if Reid does he will earn massive XP points in one sitting instead of earning them slowly by combat and exploration. Each district has a “pillar” person; whatever happens to that person can determine what happens to that district both good or bad.


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The Guard of Priwen


I’ve finished the game (technically) on hard difficulty, meaning that I’ve killed no one which resulted in a happy ending of the game. Now I’m curious about what would happen if I go back and eat some of these characters…

Another interesting aspect of the story of the game is how it touches on the subjects of racism, elitism, sexism, ethics, and homosexuality. A lot of those are obviously human issues but they’re also seen in the world of immortal vampires (with the exception of homosexuality and ethics).


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Overall, “Vampyr” is a top-notch game, hours of gameplay and a strong desire to replay it again and again. It’s the perfect game for anyone who loves vampires or a good gothic story.

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