Legendary Adapting Dystopian Comic ‘Animosity’ For Feature Film

Have you ever considered what would happen if animals rose up against man? Maybe this will things in perspective, there are around 7.2 billion humans walking the earth, but that number is dwarfed by the volume of creatures that live in our world, an estimated 20,000,121,091,000,000,000.

Legendary Entertainment has acquired the film rights to adapt AfterShock’s comic book series Animosity, written by Marguerite Bennett and illustrated by Rafael de Latorre.

Animosity is a story about an 11-year old girl who fights to survive after the world is plunged into chaos after animals suddenly gain the power of speech and heightened thought.

“Jesse, who with her devoted dog, Sandor, begins a cross-country journey from New York to San Francisco, to find the only person who might be able to protect and save them.”

AfterShock Media’s president Lee Kramer and CEO Jon Kramer will both produce the film adaptation.



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