Sigmund Freud Hunts A Serial Killer In New Netflix Series ‘Freud’

Streaming monster Netflix has now given the green light for a new series featuring a young Sigmund Freud. The Austrian series, simply titled “Freud“, follows the young doctor as he teams up with a medium and a cop to hunt down a serial killer in 19th century Vienna.

The German-language eight-episode show will be directed by Marvin Kren (4 Blocks) who is co-writing the series with Stefan Brunner and Benjamin Hessler. Heinrich Ambrosch will executive produce with Moritz Polter. ZDF Enterprises is handling international sales.

Freud” is currently casting and will begin production this fall, THR reports.

Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) is considered the founding father of Psychoanalysis, a method for treating those with mental illness. His theories about human behavior were groundbreaking. He was the first to consider that events from our childhood shaped our behavior as adults. His technique of talking with patients over a period of time became the standard in the way psychologists care for patients.



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