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Short Film Review: (in here) I Am God (2018)

In a hidden bunker far below the Earth, a strange (and by strange this dude is an actual, full on monster) commandant (Nima Forghani) devises strategies for a great war. When not preoccupied with that, or snorting the ashes of cremated soldiers like cocaine, he focuses much of his unwanted attention on his secretary (Tiffany Astrid); a vamp that would give Vampira a run for her money. Looking for a way out of her predicament she enlists the aide of a soldier (Douglas Mckenney); who resides in a giant birdcage within the bunker when not doin’ the army biz, to help her with her demonic dilemma.

Filled with gobs of silent film atmosphere, fever dream imagery, and a thing or two to say about war and women’s place in a tyrannical male society inspired in part by the film’s co-writer (along with Byron C. Miller who also edited the film)/actor/producer Nima Forghani’s experience growing up in 1980’s Iran; a country devastated by brutal warfare. The entire affair comes across as a filmed nightmare…albeit one with a strong emotional component among it’s surreal visuals.

At eight minutes in length, (in here) I Am God packs plenty of narrative, ideas, and breathtaking visuals and is an absolute must see for lovers of the more bizarre and off-kilter elements our beloved horror biz can explore!




If you are in the Seattle area, (in here) I Am God, will have it’s theatrical world premiere at STIFF 2018 at part of their Indepenetration Extreme Genre Short Film block on Saturday, July 28.

For more on (in here) I Am God visit the film’s Facebook page here.



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