You Can Now Defend Your Home From Walkers In ‘The Walking Dead: Our World’

Ever wanted to protect your town/city or even your own backyard from walkers? Now’s your chance! Next Games has teamed up with AMC for a new augmented reality mobile game, The Walking Dead: Our World.

The mobile game will allow you and friends to defeat the undead anywhere in the world from Main Street in your hometown to the poolside in a friend’s backyard during a BBQ!

Players will be able to:

  • Fight hoards solo or compete in weekly missions alongside friends, showcasing their skills to claim recognition and rewards


  • Collect character and weapon cards, helping to take down the walkers one bullet at a time


  • Rescue survivors and bring them to safe locations


  • Play the game wherever and whenever they want with “couch play” options



  • Complete a wide variety of mission types and earn rewards


  • Join the fight and play alongside characters from AMC’s The Walking Dead, including Daryl, Michonne, Rick and many more


  • Use flares to grant group access to the best missions anywhere in the world, from every continent, country, and city

Get the game today for your iOS or Android devices!


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