CHILD'S PLAY, Chucky, 1988

‘Child’s Play’ Reboot To Be Extremely Different From What We Know And Love

For a moment we were kind of excited about the upcoming Child’s Play reboot from MGM, that is until we learned just how different the movie will be from what we know and love about the franchise,

Brad Dourif, the longtime voice of Chucky, won’t be involved. That’s right, Chucky will be getting a new voice. The changes don’t stop there, allegedly, Chucky will no longer be a serial killer possessed doll, instead, he will be an out of control A.I., according to Bloody Disgusting. Lars Klevberg (Polaroid) has been tapped to direct the reboot based on the script penned by Kung Fury writer Burton Smith.

While horror fans are pretty open-minded, I don’t think they’re that open minded. I’ll be honest, the movie might be more successful if they were to rename the bot and break ties to the franchise altogether.

Luckily, we will see Universal continue the original franchise. There is currently a “Child’s Play” series in pre-production with franchise creator Don Mancini at the helm. Brad Dourif will be voicing the killer doll in the eight-episode series that will pick up where Cult of Chucky left off. But don’t worry, there will be more films to follow.



So, what do you think about the reboot being so different? Are you excited about the series? I know we are.

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