William Gibson’s Never Filmed Alien 3 Script Getting Comic Adaptation

William Gibson‘s Alien 3 script may have never have reached the silver screen, but that won’t stop it from being unleashed on the world. The script is being adapted for a new comic book series.

Gibson’s 1980 tale will be illustrated by “Angel Catbird” artist Johnnie Christmas with “Doom Patrol’s” Tamra Bonvillain providing the color.

The action-packed comic is set after the events of Alien with Ripley, Bishop, Hicks, and Newt captured by a group called the Union of Progressive People and are whisked away to the space station Anchorpoint. Following the discovery of U.P.P Weyland Yutani are in an arms race to develop an army of bloodthirsty Xenomorphs and the station is overrun.



In 1992 David Fincher made his directorial debut with his own version of Alien 3, written by Vincent Ward, which was not loved by critics or fans. In fact, Fincher has stated that no one hated the movie more than he did.

The five-issue limited run, titled “William Gibson’s Alien 3” will be released nationwide on November 7, 2018, from Dark Horse Comics.

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