In New ‘King Cohen’ Clip We See Larry Cohen Talk ‘Q’



Larry Cohen, that’s a name every horror fan should recognize. Cohen is behind films such as It’s Alive, It Lives Again, Q, The Stuff, Maniac Cop, Body Snatchers, Uncle Sam, and so many more.

Steve Mitchell‘s documentary King Cohen, about the life and works of Larry Cohen, is approaching its release and we’ve gotten our hands on the first clip from the film.

We sat down with Mr. Mitchell recently for an interview and discussed both King Cohen and his classic genre film Chopping Mall. Mitchell talked with such passion about the project and filled us in on the many interviews that we will see in the film.

We have a pretty good cast. In no order of importance, we have Martin Scorsese, Michael Moriarty, who was an important person for us to find seeing he starred in five of Larry’s films, Fred Williamson, John Landis, J.J. Abrams does our intro, we’ve got Robert Forester, Tara Reid, Tracy Lawrence, production people who worked with Larry, both of his wives. I think I talked to twenty-five to thirty people. I wanted to get Joel Schumacher, but he was going through a difficult personal stretch. I’m very pleased with the number of people that we got. We’ve got historians, we’ve got The Great, I always say The Great because he’s great to work with, John Burlingame. We have a pretty balanced amount of people in the picture. Frankly, I could still be interviewing people if I wanted to.

We talk about how Larry works, what really constitutes a Larry Cohen movie. We talk about how Larry earns that credit. We talk about his writing process, his sometimes insane way of shooting movies, especially in the 70’s, when he just went out and stole everything.”

King Cohen (review) is set to premiere July 20, 2018, in L.A. Check out the trailer and clip below.



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