New Telltale Games ‘The Walking Dead: Final Season’ Trailer Premiers At San Diego Comic Con

The final chapter to “The Walking Dead” game series by Telltale Games will be coming August 10th where choices made by players will determine how the story’s main protagonist, Clementine’s chapter in “The Walking Dead” universe will end.

Over time, fans of the game series watched, Clementine’s story evolve where she has become the symbol of what’s left of innocence in a world gone to hell, and watched her grow from a little girl who needed protection to a young woman who does the protecting.


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In the final chapter, Clementine takes on the role of a mother figure to AJ, a young boy that fell into her care in a previous chapter, a role that hauntingly resembles the father/daughter relationship she had with Lee in the first chapter in the series.


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Clementine with Lee


Clementine will face the undead as well and living foes, all the while trying to protect Aj and others will her story end like how it started? This is a “Walking Dead” story after all. Let’s hope that this part of “TWD” universe has a happy ending.


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