New Difficulty Update Coming Soon For ‘Vampyr’

Later this summer, fans of the blood-sucking RPG, “Vampyr” will see a new update to the game, a difficulty setting. The game’s difficulty depends on the actions players take to earn XP to raise the stats of Jonathan Reed, the game’s protagonist.



Players can earn XP by fighting enemies, locating documents, talking with London citizens, and completing side missions but if you want to earn a lot of XP quickly you can “embrace” (suck the blood) of characters you meet along the way but by doing so can affect events in the game.

The new difficulty will affect how players can earn XP, through combat you will earn little to none, making the temptation greater to feed on the citizens of London. Because of this new update, it would make the gameplay more about the narrative of the story.



The update will be in effect on all gaming devices and in preparation for the update, “Vampyr” is 25% off on Steam right now!

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