Castle Rock Bill Skarsgard

‘Castle Rock’ To Tell A New “Unwritten King Story” Each Season

Just when we thought that Hulu’s anthology series “Castle Rock” couldn’t get any better we learn that the J.J. Abrams’ Stephen King universe-set show will “approach each season as an unwritten Stephen King novel”, according to co-creator Sam Shaw.

Bloody Disgusting quoted Shaw as saying:

He’s a genre unto himself and there are seven or eight well-defined sub-genres. We’ve always loved the stories dealing with crime and punishment, and prisons, and Stephen King sort of grappling with real-world monsters – and what we do with them, and where we put them, how we treat them, and whether that makes us monsters. This season is written very much in the shadow of Shawshank and The Green Mile, and stories dealing with incarceration. But then there are great banging monster stories or there are cosmic stories about good and evil.”

We hope to have the latitude to come back to future seasons and just tell a great monster story set in like 1974 or a different kind of story under the influence of a very different Stephen King novel,” Shaw added.

Last week the first three episodes premiered on the streaming network wowing fans. Between Bill Skarsgård, André Holland, the rest of the cast, fantastic writing, and the truly unnerving atmosphere, I believe that Hulu has a winner on its hands.


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