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Ian Somerhalder Has Blood On His Hands In The First “V-Wars” Image

Ian Somerhalder made bad boys look good on “The Vampire Diaries“. Now, he’s sinking his fangs into a new role, as human Dr. Luther Swann on Netflix’s upcoming series “V-Wars“. The first image has just been released revealing he already has blood on his hands.



In the series, Dr. Swann’s best friend (Adrian Holmes) is turned into a vampire by a mysterious pathogen. The virus spreads leaving the world divided between human and vampire as Dr. Swann continues to research the virus, hoping to understand more about the disease and the new species it has created.

“V-Wars” is an adaptation of the graphic novel by the same name by Jonathan Maberry. While the premiere date is still a mystery, we do know that the first season will feature 10 episodes.



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