New GAMESCOM ‘Call Of Cthulhu’ Trailer Takes You Inside A House Of Madness

The highly anticipated RPG game of the year, “Call of Cthulhu: The official Video Game”, released a new trailer at the gaming event GAMESCOM. The trailer highlights key gameplay mechanics accompanied by commentary explaining in detail how your actions can affect the outcome of the game.





Call of Cthulhu: The official Video Game” is based on the tabletop RPG that’s inspired by the short story of the same name by H.P. Lovecraft. The story follows Edward Pierce, a private detective investigating the death of the Hawkins family on the fictional Darkwater Island. The more Pierce digs deeper into the case, the more horrors beyond human comprehension he’ll encounter.





The great dreamer will awaken October 30th and will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.


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