“Walking Dead” Casts “Sons of Anarchy” Star Ryan Hurst

As the season premiere of “The Walking Dead” draws closer we’ve learned that “The Whisperers” are coming. Among them, a new cast member. It has now been announced that “Sons of Anarchy” star Ryan Hurst has joined the cast as “The Whisperers'” biggest, baddest villain, Beta.

Beta is the second in command to Alpha who leads the group that puts on walker hides like a onesie. Beta is a major adversary to the survivors in the comics, so we assume it will be the same on the show. Hurst will be the third new cast member for the series who all belong to the group. Cassady McClincy was recently cast as Alpha’s daughter Lydia.



Hurst was a major player as Opie on the biker series “Sons of Anarchy“. Hurst starred as the lifelong best friend to the club’s leader Jax’s (Charlie Hunnam). Opie volunteered to give his life for Jax and the club in a prison beatdown in what was one of the most brutal, traumatic, and heartbreaking episodes of the entire series.


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