Short Film Review: Candle Cove (2018)

Candle Cove tells the story of two adults remembering a childhood fav; a silent televised puppet show called Candle Cove. As fate would have it, they find a box which contains recorded episodes of the show, including the finale…a finale that featured the puppets screaming in terror for the duration. As they examine the tapes, all they see is static…until they pop in the finale and the screaming starts!

Based (loosely) on the creepypasta of the same name (which also served as the basis for the first season of SyFy’s Channel Zero), Candle Cove is a very brief distillation of what made the original tale so memorable. Short though it is, this version still manages to maintain the same eerie vibe, but I personally would have liked to see more of what made the story so effective (i.e. the original yarn features horrifying pirate based puppets, while this one features silent Punch N’ Judy like characters, and was presented a series of posts on a fictitious message board).

Bottom line, writer/director Andrew J.D. Robinson has crafted a well made and effective short fright flick, and hopefully it’ll make some of you seek out the original tale (here, I’ll make it easy on ya)!


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