Short Film Review: octOber (2018)

Two friends, Alex and Jeremy, stroll along some train tracks under a steel grey sky. Alex discusses the disappearance of his sister, and the toll it has taken on his family…and he also explains that he thinks he knows who did it…a local man named Mr. Whitman whom he claims he has seen bump off other townsfolk. Well, our erstwhile heroes get to investigating, and Jeremy is slaughtered, while Alex makes like a fuckin’ banana and splits. Of course his meddling sets of a whole lot of horror biz…biz he may not be able to survive!

Stylish, super slick, and possessing a strong story (of which this is but one part of an over reaching narrative…this is part 2 for those keepin’ score at home), octOber is a mini-masterpiece of suburban horror and taught tension. It’s the type of flick that as you watch you just know something horrible is going to happen, but just what or more importantly when is a stress inducing mystery.

Of course the biggest question you may have…well, it’s kinda two questions jammed together actually…Will I have to check out septeMber…the first segment…for this one to make sense, and is it self-contained? Let me ease your fears; this stands on it’s own as a film, and has a basic three act structure…including an actual ending.

Normally, this is the space where I’d tell ya to be sure and check octOber out when you can…but in this case you actually can right now! And after you watch the flick, be sure to check out the film’s website and Facebook!



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