STEAM CODE GIVEAWAY! A New Horror Experience For Gamers ‘The Conjuring House”

Rym Games is bringing a whole new level of terror to the Psychological Horror genre in gaming with “The Conjuring House” (no way related to the film series) and YOU the reader may get a chance to get a code for the game on Steam!




The Conjuring House” will take players to a haunted house where from start to finish you’ll be in a constant state of panic as non-linear progression to the story will spell out unpredictable encounters with enemies and you look over your should constantly to avoid being discovered by the demonic entity of a woman with murderous intent!




Players take on the role of the sole survivor of an investigative team sent to uncover what led to the death of the owner of the Atkinson house. After entering the abandoned house you soon learn it’s not as empty as it seems as demonic forces run rampant attacking the living at any opportunity. Your objective is to simply survive and find a way out of the house!




At this time “The Conjuring House” is for Steam only.

Does this sound like the type of game you would want to play as Halloween approaches?! If so, you’re in luck! Rym Games gave us 5 Steam Codes to give away to some lucky readers! Entering for your chance is simple:

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