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Movie Review: Obsidian Curse (2016)

Party girl/junkie Blair (Karin Brauns) is sent to the big house for a year after being arrested while snorting coke off from a woman’s stomach, as one does. After being released from prison, she’s clean and sober, but she discovers her boyfriend Roberto has moved on and gotten married, and worse still…his new beau is her daughter’s new mother figure…and Blair’s time with her daughter is extremely limited and court supervised until she can find steady work…which will prove difficult with that prison record and all. Eventually Blair finds work as a tour guide in a large cavern…at least that’s what she thinks. In actuality she is lured to the cavern so an ancient witch can pawn off a curse on Blair and make her a magnet for all of the evil monsters in the world…of which there are a surprising number. Now she is in for the fight of her life to survive the ever attacking nightmare legions which swarm about her!

The first thing that came to mind when I watched Obsidian Curse was how truly rad-ass awesome the creatures were; these things are designed, costumed, and performed to perfection…plus there is a large variety of monsters represented (zombies, witches, vampires, and many more…), and the flick certainly doesn’t skimp out on showing them. Also in the plus column is the comic book style narrative and presentation of the film courtesy of Writer/Director Rene Perez (who also brought us the phenomenal revenge flick Death Kiss which I reviewed right here); this really does have the vibe of horror comics like Top Cow’s Witchblade or the Darkness or even the offerings from Chaos comics in the mid ’90’s…the whole beautiful “good girl” versus the unholy legions of the night number that I really dig on! Another big plus is the inclusion of one of my all-time fav fright flick thespians, Reggie Bannister (from the Phantasm series…which you lot should be intimately familiar with), who always adds a touch of every man normalcy in among the ghoulish goings-on surrounding him!

On the flip side; some of the acting can be a bit odd here and there…but honestly, who gives a rat’s ass; MONSTERS, BABES, and REGGIE!

Bottom line boils n’ ghouls; ol’ Rene Perez creates the type of fun fright flick and exploitation masterpieces that I (and I wager you too) truly groove to, ya dig? And believe you me, Obsidian Curse is just that…a fast paced journey into a monster laden universe just to the left of our own where a (former) coke addled single mom can kick creature ass on the regular!



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