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Movie Review: The Bray Road Beast (2018)

Documentarian of the Cryptids Seth Breedlove is back, and this time he turns his eerie eyeballs an a wicked werewolf legend in The Bray Road Beast!

Elkhorn, Wisconsin is a bucolic lil’ town, sleepy, possessed of a small populace…and a red eyed werewolf that can run 55 mph and lives on Bray Road (home to the Bray family, who do not seem like werewolves to me, but I’m no expert at lycanthrope in human form identification)…you know, the usual. Of course as the film digs deeper we learn that this area sits in an area surrounded by strange happenings, outre cults, and that whole Slenderman stabbing incident of a few years back. Of course everyone has a theory as to just what the titular beast is, and all the usual explanations make their appearance; Native american curse, occult summoned hell beast, the aforementioned werewolf theory…regardless of what it is, there are plenty of spooky-ass stories about whatever it is; and the film makes a strong case for the credibility of the terror tales presented.

As usual with the Small Town Monsters series; this doc features totally rad recreations of the hair raising (pun most definitely intended…as always) yarns related featuring awesomely realized special effects…and believe your’s cruelly when I say if Breedlove used the same team he uses on these docs he would be able to create on of the best creature features produced in decades!

Whether you believe a word of The Bray Road Beast or not is totally irrelevant; this is perfect campfire ghost story materiel built up to a fuckin’ “T”. I recommend waiting until midnight, turning off the lights, grabbin’ a glass of red wine and hunkering down to listen to tales of a creepy creature on the prowl for only Satan knows what end!



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