‘Apparition’ Will Haunt Gamers This Halloween

MrCiastku and Fat Dog Games know how to make an entrance with a game release! Coming to Steam on Halloween (October 31st) 2018 is the first-person horror game “Apparition” where players are on a ghost hunt all the while being hunted themselves!




Players will find themselves in the middle of a haunted forest with an Ouija board and the intention to contact the spirits that haunt the woods and gather evidence. The objective of the story is simple, gather evidence of the hauntings, and leave the forest alive-wait what? That’s right, there’s no Caspers in these woods!




The ghosts are not alone as there are also demons’ wandering around and there’s no way to protect you from them, besides not being found in the first place! Players will have to decide when and if they want to wrap up their investigations because the more evidence you collect and clues you find, the more ghost hunting equipment you can unlock and use!

Apparition” will be out on Steam early access for $9.99, if you’re interested, add it to your wish list now! There’s even a Discord to join if you want more information!


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